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Route of the Chiefs

This long-anticipated volume is finally here!
Route of the Chiefs is the ultimate photographic
history of how the Santa Fe rose to being one of the
foremost passenger carriers in America’s streamliner era.
From the premiere Super Chief to the extensive network
of secondary trains, this new 256-page volume is the
next best thing to being on board.

If ever a railroad was a friend to the passenger,
Santa Fe was it. From the 1892 version of the
California Limited to the Santa Fe De-Luxe,
to the 1926 Chief, to the 1937 Super Chief,no other
railroad offered greater luxury to its first-class clientele.
Later, with the inauguration of the 1938 El Capitan,
the company brought fast, modern accommodations
to coach travelers as well. Add to that the remaining
Chiefs and streamliners, including the San Francisco Chief,
Texas Chief, the Chief itself, plus the Grand Canyon,
Chicagoan, Kansas Cityan, San Diegan, Golden Gates,
and a host of supporting cast players like The Cavern,
El Pasoan, Tulsan and others, and it is hard to conceiv
of any railroad that did it better, or even as well.

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Rio Grande:
Heart of the Rockies

Rio Grande — Heart of the Rockies looks at the
dramatic influence of railroad builder David H. Moffat
on the Denver & Rio Grande Western.

In Volume I of this series, one of the watershed events
for the young D&RG was the conversion of the main
lines from narrow gauge to standard gauge,
initiated in 1890 during Moffat's presidency.
Following his departure from the D&RG the
following year, Moffat intensified the pursuit of his
great dream—constructing a direct transcontinental
mainline west from Denver.
Indeed, the "Moffat Road", which he spearheaded,
eventually became the primary transcontinental
conduit for the D&RGW as well as the
source of substantial local traffic.
While the Rio Grande itself is gone, the images
herein help to illustrate how it was during the
era of color slide photography along the
D&RGW in the Heart of the Rockies.

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Route of the Rockets

The streamlined era on the Rock Island lasted 43
years, beginning with the delivery of the first reborn
Rockets in 1937 and ending well beyond Amtrak with a
"Notice of Embargo" on Trains 5 and 6, and 11 and 12
effective january 1, 1979. During the era, the
Rock Island ran an extensive fleet of streamliners in
many hues, coming from just about every major car and
locomotive builder, and ambraced a diverse array of
rolling stock. In truth, the Rock Island tried.
It tried with line relocations and the "Samson of the
Cimarron" and stainless steel Rockets powered by stylish
crimson and maroon diesels. And in the end, when it quite
simply ran out of cash, it was not from a lack of effort
on the part of its workers and managers. Rock Island also
managed to present the traveling public with a number of
fine passenger trains, including the original 1937 Rockets,
the streamlined 1948 Golden State and the seasonal,
short-lived Arizona Limited. This is their story.

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Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs, Hardcover Volumes 1 through 4

It's been more than five years since Volume 1
has been introduced and it has since sold out,
along with Volume 2. Rather than reprint each
volume individually, we have reprinted the four volumes
together in one book. Thank you for your support of our
Hawaiian Railway series! This limited edition hardcover
has 272 pages and contains all of the great photographs,
maps, text, diagrams and rosters from the four volumes
of Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs by
Gale Treiber! World War II buffs will enjoy these photos
taken by servicemen stationed in Hawaii in the 1940s.

WRP - Hawaiian Rwy $79.95

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Nothing Could Be Finer
Than A Frisco Diner

Food service on the St. Louis–San Francisco Railroad began with a single dining car converted from a coach and grew into a fleet of 34 dining cars serving the Frisco's nine-state territory in the mid-1940s. Immediately after World War II, brand new streamlined dining cars were added to the Frisco's fleet. It was a time when businessmen, celebrities and families on vacation routinely took the train to their destinations, and dinner in the diner was a special treat. Frisco's dining cars developed a reputation for serving the finest food on rails. Highly complimentary letters were common. One such letter, from a New York passenger in 1949, appeared in the railroad's newsletter, All Aboard, complimenting the Frisco on its food and service, adding, Other lines should send scouts to get ideas from your chefs!" This book preserves the memories of the people who made the dining car experience possible, and to pass on the lure of the dining car to generations that have never known the appeal of "dinner in the diner."

WRP - Frisco Diner $59.95

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Southern Pacific Rails
A Motive Power Finale

Souther Pacific Rails - a Motive Power Finale documents the various operations, physical plant, and locomotives of the Souther Pacific, including the Cotton Belt (SSW) and presents other interesting facts in the context of the present as well as the past. Informative text covers the Golden State Route, the ICTF, the SPCSL, the Huntington Beach branch, mergers, motive power from 1986 to 1997 and more. A super-detailed roster of SP and Cotton Belt locomotives includes dispositions since 1986. This volume is a must for the SP or Cotton Belt fan!

WRP - SPMPF $39.95

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Denver & Rio Grande
The Early Years

It was a glorious period that has been termed the days of “wooden cars and iron men.” Today it is difficult to even comprehend the tremendous amounts of energy, manpower and money that went into constructing the Denver & Rio Grande into and across the Rocky Mountains. The courage, determination and sheer guts of such an undertaking are impressively apparent today on the two remaining portions of three-foot gauge trackage out of Durango, Colorado and Chama, New Mexico. By 1883, Palmer’s “Narrow Gauge Transcontinental” mainline stretched 771 miles from Denver to Ogden. The Pullman sleeper-equipped Pacific Express (westbound) and the eastbound Atlantic Express operated on a forty-one and a-half hour schedule and was trailed by “named” parlor cars. Elsewhere, on the Cumbres Pass line in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, the daily Colorado & New Mexico Express ran in both directions between Salida, Alamosa and Durango, with a helper being added for the 14 miles of steep four-percent grade between Chama and the 10,015-foot summit at Cumbres. A hike along the abandoned grades over Marshall, Cerro Summit and Poncha Pass is sure to bring visions of a small 2-8-0 Consolidation and a diminutive 4-6-0 Ten-Wheeler as they blasted upgrade with an 1890s varnish run. You can almost hear the double header’s exhaust, smell the coal smoke mixed with valve oil and feel the saturated steam as the consist passes. After over 60 years of research and what the late Robert W. Richardson termed “picture hunting”, this book is a pictorial history of the D&RG’s narrow gauge. The Rio Grande Glory Days are preserved here in rare old photographs and art. Climb aboard for the ride of your life as we relive the days when the world and the Rio Grande were young. Almost every quality photograph available from 1873 to 1921 has been included in this volume. No Rio Grande or early railroading enthusiast will want to be without Ferrell's 22nd (and last) book.

WRP - RGEY $79.95

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The Circus Moves by Rail

The definitive book on circus trains from the earliest days to the modern fleet of the big Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus of today. Features a variety of rail equipment, operations, RBB&B, Hagenbeck, Wild West, Clyde Beatty and more. Detailed information about circus cars, equipment moves, operational headquarters, car rebuilding and lettering, and more. Generously illustrated.

WRP - CMBR $39.95

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